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How Distance or Online Facilitations Work

How Distance or Online Facilitations Work

Distance Treatments have always had the ability to make me laugh and chuckle to myself; especially when trying to describe the process to “others” and almost especially when those “others” are on the southern most tip of the African Hemisphere where we don’t really get the information necessarily needed to keep us up to date with what’s happening in the world of cutting edge Science, Technology and Biology.

So think of a Distant treatment in the same manner you would a Satellite Signal; let’s use an analogy of a Tv, the Tv set is your Body, the tube is your Mind and senses, the antennae is your Heart-Brain(the heart is no longer considered a muscle; although it does function as a pump, the heart has more neurological connections than anything else and even produces hormones

So when the Tv is switched on and there is a clear environment/signal being received through the Antennae(Heart) the picture looks GREAT this means that bad weather would disrupt this signal and making our view distorted, to us “humans” this would relate to both our internal state of being; our physiology, anatomy and Consciousness and our external environments relating to how we interact with our World and the rest of the beings in it(Bio-feedback), if you are yet to discover this these ARE DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL; we interpret this signal through our Hearts(antennae) and Minds(tube) which are made up of our senses and Belief systems(projections) of which 90% you formed In-Utero until you were aged 6 and that in turn will affect your viewing pleasure or experience of Life.

Now This Tv emits a signal or frequency, everyone has a unique signal or frequency that, like chapters in a novel, have stored all the experiences of Life onto its hard drive(Fascia) When the signal malfunctions the appropriately qualified BodyTalk Practitioner has the ability to tune into your Tv set very much like a decoder interprets different programs or channels then the BodyTalk Practitioner makes the Priority adjustments indicated by your own innate awareness to Self Heal; improving the interpretation of the signal thus improves your

Body -physiology and anatomy

Mind -belief systems and Consciousness(conscious and sub-conscious states) and thus

Spirit and experience of Life!

I personally have been loving the Distant treatments lately and look forward to many more, recent treatments have been done for California, Switzerland and Dubai and I’m looking forward to many more as I’m excited as everybody else about the results being experienced all over the world.

Here’s a great article recently written on the BodyTalk members page by Medical Doctor Katrin Julia Schubert.

The Doctor is NOT in.

by Contributed by Katrin Julia Schubert, MD, CBI, PaRama, CBP

Reaching across the distance- BodyTalk in the intensive care unit

I love BodyTalk distance sessions! Just this morning I called the intensive care unit at the nearby university hospital in order to report a session to the mother of the girl I had offered a distance session to the night before. The daughter was suffering from acute bacterial meningitis with the usual severe headache, nausea and vomiting and a high fever.

The BodyTalk session brought up only two links, one relating to the flow of cerebro spinal fluid in the ventricles of the brain and a ‘reverse’ hydration relieving the cells of edema which then linked as a package to the pancreas and sugar metabolism. The second link was a very simple one: cortices to kidneys balanced/tapped for 10 minutes. Ah, the power of the simple link!

The mother had interviewed me the day before revealing her great skepticism of distance work. I told her about the long history of distance healing work dating back to the middle ages and that modern scientific research proved the healing effect of prayer. I explained to her the profound action of BodyTalk as it hones in on the very specific needs of the person receiving it and how this makes it even more effective. Her fear of her daughter deteriorating made her decide to ask for a session.

When I reported the details of the session to the mother the next morning she told me that the doctors had been concerned about her kidney function and taken late night tests. This morning there was much of an improvement. Even after 10 years of BodyTalk balancing people from a distance, I am still struck by the deeply beneficial results.

I have witnessed many other more dramatic cases. People have come off of life and breathing support and showed a marked increase in kidney function while in intensive care. This basic shift propelled them to better health. This has often happened after receiving distance BodyTalk and usually stimulated an upswing in health. I spent several years working in a surgical intensive care unit during my training as a medical doctor. Never had I seen such spontaneous improvements in physical functions as after distance BodyTalk session. This is why I love BodyTalk distance sessions.

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